Fitness Bootcamp Helps Cranbrook Area Women Burn Fat
and Lose Inches Quickly and Safely...

Lose Up To 10 lbs and 6 Inches In The Next 30 Days – Your Results Are GUARANTEED

Here’s How To Get The Help, Support, and Motivation
You Need To Finally Get The Lean, Toned, and
Attractive Body You’ve Always Wanted…

  • Have you been struggling to lose weight... only to find that everything you try ends up NOT working (and now you don’t know what to do next because you’re worried you'll just fail anyway)?

  • Do you ever NOT go out with your friends because you’re self-conscious about how your weight makes you feel (or because you’re afraid of how you’ll look standing next to slimmer, more attractive women)?


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  • Have you tried working out (maybe even been exercising for a while now), but still haven’t really seen any changes in the way you look... OR even a lower number on the scale, for that matter?

  • Did you even give the local “gym” a shot... but ended up not seeing any results there either (because no one actually SHOWED you what to do, how to do it, or gave you any REAL help at all)?

  • Do you get yourself all worked up and motivated enough to try to lose weight “one more time”... only to have trouble STAYING motivated long enough to get any measureable results on your own?

  • Are you worried about the shape and appearance of your hips, thighs, and “rear end” (and now you’re having trouble fitting into your favorite pair of jeans because of it)... and you wish there was something you could do to tighten and tone those places enough to fit back into them again (without the safety pin)?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

In fact, everything in those questions came from working DIRECTLY with other women just like you, right here in Cranbrook, and the surrounding areas… women that, just like you, once struggled with their weight…

Hi, I’m Steve MacDonald… a Cranbrook fitness bootcamp instructor, fitness trainer, and weight loss specialist…

…and my team and I have personally helped local Cranbrook area women who were STRUGGLING to lose their extra weight, burn away body fat, lose inches from their hips, thighs, and stomachs, and finally feel better about themselves and the way they look in the mirror.

I’ve seen women who’ve tried EVERYTHING you could think of to lose weight… from Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, all the way to health clubs, diet pills, and even those gimmick gadgets they peddle on late-night TV commercials…

And not only have I seen them TRY all that stuff… I’ve seen them FAIL with it just about every single time.  And I’ve also seen the whole range of emotions that can come out of that seemingly endless pit of frustrations… the low self-esteem… the negative self-talk… even downright desperation.

So, like I said… you’re DEFINITELY not alone.

I know all too well just how upsetting it can be to KNOW you need to do something to get your weight (and your self-image) under control… but at the same time, feel almost completely powerless to make it happen (because everything you try ends up FAILING).


I also know how good it feels when you FINALLY get it right… once you finally have the right plan (and the right help, guidance, and support)… once you finally lose those 10 or 15 lbs that have been sticking to you… when you can finally fit back into all those clothes you USED to wear.

Helping Cranbrook area women create THAT kind of change in their bodies and their lives is what we’re all about… it’s what motivates us.  Heck, it’s WHY I became a fitness trainer and fitness bootcamp instructor to begin with.

Unfortunately, Most Cranbrook Area Women
Can’t Stay Focused and Motivated Long Enough
To Lose Their Extra Weight (Or Even Tone Up
Just A Little)... And They End Up STUCK
In An Overweight Body They Hate...

The sad truth of the matter is...

MOST women will ALWAYS struggle with their weight.

They WON’T find what really works for them... and they’ll just KEEP putting on weight, little by little.

Then... the clothes they’re wearing start getting tighter and tighter (until they finally have to go out and buy new clothes again).  And that just makes most women feel even worse about their weight… AND about themselves.

And THAT… usually leads to a vicious cycle where the woman FEELS worse, so she ends up eating as a way to gain some comfort. But that just makes her gain more weight, so she feels even worse.

And… as each new weight-loss method they try ends up falling flat on its face in failure… most women will KEEP jumping from one gimmick to the next… and they’ll KEEP FAILING… until they end up feeling like a failure themselves.

That’s NEVER a good thing…

Because it usually ends up in the woman just ACCEPTING the fact that she’s ALWAYS going to be overweight… that she’s ALWAYS going to feel self-conscious about the way she looks… that she’ll NEVER truly be happy with her own body.

And when faced with THAT situation…

Most women just GIVE UP.

Luckily, It Doesn’t Have To End That Way For You...

You do NOT have to keep struggling to lose your extra weight…

You do NOT have to keep jumping from one thing to the next, just HOPING you’ll eventually stumble onto something that actually works for once…

You do NOT have to keep fighting just to get (and stay) motivated long enough to see real results…

And most importantly of all…

You do NOT have to submit to the way things are right now, just because that’s how they’ve always been for you so far.

You CAN take control of your situation right now and create the kind of body (and the kind of self-image and self RESPECT) you’ve always wanted.

In fact...

I Personally Guarantee You’ll Lose Up To 10 lbs,
Your Clothes Will Fit Better, You’ll Feel Better
About The Way Your Body Looks… AND You’ll
Have More Energy Than You've Had In Years
With Our Fitness Bootcamps In Cranbrook...

Look… I know you’ve tried just about EVERYTHING out there to burn fat, lose weight, and tighten and tone your body.  And I also know that NONE of it has worked for you so far (or you probably wouldn’t be on my website right now).

We both know there’s a LOT of junk being peddled in the “weight loss market”, and quite frankly, if you WEREN’T skeptical right now… I’d be a little worried for you. ;-)

That’s why I’m going to fully protect you with this guarantee…

I’m so sure we can help you lose up to 10 lbs and 4 inches in the next 30 days (just like we’ve done for all kinds of other women in the Cranbrook area)… that I FLAT-OUT GUARANTEE you’ll get measureable, VISIBLE results from our fitness bootcamps.

You absolutely WILL...

  • Lose up to 10 lbs

  • Drop up to 4 inches

  • Have more energy and feel less stressed

  • Fit into your clothes better (even clothes that are “snug” right now)

  • Know it’s working because you’ll have MEASUREABLE results you can SEE

...all within your first 30 days!

If you’re not completely satisfied with the fat you’ve burned away, the inches you’ve lost, or the way you’ve been able reshape your body and fit back into your clothes again… I’ll give you ALL your money back – no questions asked.

And not only are you protected by our 100% Results Guarantee…

I’m so sure our Cranbrook Fitness Bootcamps will work for you, I’m going to let you try it out and experience the results for yourself absolutely FREE...

  Sign Up For 1 FREE Week Of Bootcamp And
See The Results For Yourself...
    Steve MacDonald
Cranbrook Personal Trainer
Owner, Total Fitness In Cranbrook

Phone: 250-426-2264

Here’s What Other People Are Saying
About Our Cranbrook Fitness Boot Camps
and Rapid Weight Loss Programs...


"Lost Weight and Inches, Have More Energy...
... And I Owe It All To Bootcamp"

I was trying to make some healthy changes in my life. I was turning 40, and I really felt like I needed a kick-start.

When I first came to your fitness boot camp, I thought I might not be fit enough to join. Like maybe I should be in better shape FIRST...

The workouts were challenging, yet I felt successful at the end of them. I discovered several new/old muscles in the process and realized it was exactly what I needed.

You were so encouraging and tailored the session to meet my specific needs.

So far, I've lost weight and inches... and I've gained strength and endurance that I never had before. I'm meeting and surpassing goals that before, I would have NEVER set for myself!

And my mindset is changing too...

Where BEFORE, I would think, "Oh, I could never do that"... and NOW I'm always hearing my little voice say, "With a bit of training we could try that".

That's a huge shift for me, and it's only getting better.

I have more energy and better overall health (both physical and mental).

My knees are definitely stronger and ache less after activities with lots of bending. I ran (okay jogged) a mile!!!!! My upper body and core is steadily getting stronger. I can now do some push-ups and planks from my feet rather than my knees.

Thanks Steve, I owe it all to you and your bootcamp!



"I Almost Let The Word 'Bootcamp' Scare Me Away...
But I'm SO Glad I Didn't... I Look Forward To Each Workout"

I am hooked on your bootcamps, and can hardly wait to get back to them!

I originally met you by attending one of your complimentary Saturday Boot Camps at The College of the Rockies that I'd heard about from some friends.

I was looking to change up my exercise routine. I have always been very active, and found myself in a "cardio rut"... and all the cardio workouts and classes I was attending were not getting me results.

At first, I was kind of concerned about the term "boot camp"... even though I was looking for a new challenge at the time, I was worried it might be too challenging for me.

But after I attended the first workout, I knew it was for me!

I very much enjoyed the variety of exercises and your careful observation of new clients, ensuring proper technique/form was being maintained. I was very motivated with new exercises and the promise that each workout would be different.

At first, I wasn't sure if I had worked hard enough, but when it took 4-5 days for my stiff limbs to ease off, I knew I had had one of the best workouts I have had in some time.

My upper body strength, core strength and hip flexibility (despite the need for a hip replacement) have improved greatly.  My enthusiasm for a good workout has returned!  And I've had a very good recovery immediately following hip surgery thanks to the strength workouts at boot camp.

Before I started boot camp I was able to do female push-ups only, it wasn't long before I graduated to men's push-ups, and trying more advanced versions.

I also didn't have the many friendships I have made!

Before I started bootcamp I was bored with my exercise routine, now I look forward to each workout because they are all different, and I never know when Steve is going to introduce a new "prop" or technique that is going to make me feel muscles I haven't used in some time.

Your Bionic Bootcamper,



"I Don't Work Well On My Own... But This Group Is So Supportive
and Encouraging... And My Clothes Are Fitting Better"

Hello Steve,

I was facing a middle age that included aching joints, mobility that seemed to becoming compromised and feeling physically old before my time.  I needed some kind of anti-inflammatory twice a day to be comfortable but not pain free.

I do not like to work out but I do like to play. And these workouts are hard... but they are fun and playful, too.

I really thought my main obstacle was going to be cost. It seemed like a lot of money on a single income with two girls still in school.

I know that I do not work well on my own (I have done so little in the last week). I will continue at two times a week, more than that I do still feel tired and I figure in the long run, it's not too expensive.

If I don't have the time or money to be fit and healthy then I will need to find the time and money to be sick, sore and out of shape.

Bootcamp really is a good workout.  Not as hard as first expected but that was because I felt you took great care to modify the workout to my abilities.

You were, and still are, very encouraging, supportive and I felt safe that you would not push me too hard and that you were knowledgeable to ensure my fitness improved without worry about injury.  You are also very good at providing the needed motivation to challenge me to do my best.

And man... am I fit now!  I have not taken any anti-inflammatory in 4 months.  I can walk better and longer without discomfort, I have better stamina and strength, I feel better and am slowly losing inches and weight combined with a more serious attention to what I am eating.

I am losing the muffin topClothes are fitting better, too.

I can do more of the exercises now and at a higher fitness level.  I can jump - could not when I started.

I have also gotten to work out with a lovely group of people, very supportive, not competitive with each other - with themselves yes but fun!

The best thing was the day I could run, the running the last 100 meters of the 200 meter run, I felt push off my legs for the first time in years, my gate felt good, it was the closest I have gotten to a high from running.

Thanks Steve,

age 40


"I've Lost 6.5% Body Fat And My
Low Back Pain Is Completely Gone!"

I attended a class of yours in November @ TM Roberts School. My friend, Laurie, suggested we attend.

At that time, my cholesterol was extremely high, I was somewhat overweight, and I had lots of low back pain.

One of my obstacles was a financial one so I requested your class as part of a Christmas present from my partner.  Another obstacle was that I had low back pain which I knew would prevent me from doing the program to my full potential and I was also somewhat out of shape.

At first, I was afraid it would be extremely difficult workout that I would never be able to do. But here's what happened instead...

After the 30 day challenge, I saw a loss of 6.5% body fat! A loss of pounds & inches, increased stamina, inner strength, determination. And my core strength has increased phenomenally.

Now it's much easier to do the day-to-day work activities at my job – and to accomplish goals and other tougher duties of mine.

And now I have absolutely NO low back pain whatsoever, without any physio, massage, etc.

I can now do an awesome workout – not quite on the same level as some of the others who have been attending for sometime, but I’m getting there and now I can do mountain climbers and I feel absolutely fantastic!

Alex Bennison


"I Was Afraid I Wouldn't Be Able To Do It...
But I've Lost 12 lbs AND My Hip Pain Is Gone"

Hi Steve,

I attended your January 2010 boot camp with a friend of mine...

I had been doing the same routine for years and not getting much satisfaction. I had also been trying to lose 20 pounds and not having much luck.  I had looked into joining the biggest loser contest at the gym I was attending, but they were charging $500 per month for 3 months (too expensive for me).

Your bootcamp was MUCH more reasonable. :-)

My only real obstacle was that I didn’t believe I had the time to do it.  I found that 2 days a week was not enough and again wasn’t sure whether I could find the time to fit more into my busy schedule.

Honestly, at first I was afraid I would never be able to do it. But I was resolved to try it for a month.  And that first month, every time I saw the workout posted on the white board... I thought I will never be able to do it.


So far, I've lost some weight (12 lbs), definitely lost some inches and body fat and have increased my strength in many areas.

I now never say I can’t or won’t be able to do the routines. I make plans to workout with one of your routines when I can’t make it to the training times and I am addicted to the workouts.  I look forward to the workouts every night.

Even when I am really tired from the day I always look forward to going as I know I will get a second wind.

Before I started these workouts I had hip pain and I no longer have it.  I feel much stronger and sleep much better.

And...I couldn’t do burpees and now I can.  Mountain climbers were on my hated list now I like doing them.  Still can’t do a full push up but am working on it.

Thanks for all your help Steve!



"Now I'm In Better Shape Than
When I Was In High School..."

Hi Steve,

I first heard about the boot camp through my wife (christy), there was a bulletin up in our store.

I was looking to get into better shape. I really wanted to try and get down to my weight when I was in high school.

I almost didn't come to one of your free workouts because I had locked my keys in my car just before hand and had a temper tantrum.  But after making it to the class and doing your workouts it was a no-brainer, this is what I wanted to do.

I had been thinking about going to a personal trainer at one of the local gyms. But after my first session with Steve I new his challenging workouts were what I needed to reach my goal.

I have been a client of Steve's for almost a year and I can honestly say I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in, including high school when I thought I was in shape.

I have lost weight, added muscle, my over all fitness level has shot right through the roof. I thought I was in shape before my first session which was on a Saturday, the next day I couldn't lift my arms to get myself out of the chair.  Ya.... in shape my ass.

When I first showed up to the session I had braces on both knees, elbow braces on both elbows.  Not the coolest look for someone attending a fitness session. After almost a year of workouts and I have lost both knee braces and one elbow brace, and let me tell ya, I couldn't be happier.

I can still remember our first fitness test we had to see what we could do.  One of them were pushups.  I did 22.  We had another one in late June, almost a year later where I pumped out 115 pushups.  I can honestly say without this class I would still be down in the 20's.

If you're thinking about trying Steve's free fitness bootcamp, here's how to look at it...

A gym membership to a local gym: $50/month

Lose weight fast gimmicks on TV: $100+ each

Being a client of Total Fitness in Cranbrook...Priceless.



"Just Bought New Jeans In A Size SMALLER Than
Before I Had My First Child Over 20 Years Ago!"

Hey Steve,

I ran into one of your clients who is looking unbelievable, so upon asking what she was doing was told about your bootcamps.

There was a complimentary Saturday morning workout coming up so I attended, and the rest as they say is history.  I have been a member of the Total Fitness since September 2009 and am still in awe, that every workout is new and exciting.

I was trying to look after my personal health and heart, my mother has heart problems, that I was not looking at following in her footsteps.

At that time I was attending the local Curves gym, after attending a local co-ed gym and not enjoying the language and discussions of some of the male members.  Curves was OK but I felt like I needed more.  There wasn't anyone pushing me, not to the point where I couldn't do it but to the point where I could.

So it just didn't occur to me not to join Steve's bootcamp.  I knew that I wanted to work with you, at that time I was looking for something for me, to challenge my body and mind.

The first thing I thought was that the exercises were simple, but certainly not easy, the only challenge for me was myself, I was getting out whatever I put in.

Since joining your fitness bootcamp in Cranbrook, I've lost inches and pounds, but most of all I feel great.  I know that I can push myself mentally to accept the physical challenges that you bring each workout.

When I first started I could only do pushups from the knees and not very many of them, now I am able to do 50 full out normal pushups before I feel like my arms are going the break off.

And I even got an extra gift from bootcamp...

A couple months ago, I went shopping and was finally able to buy jeans in a size I haven't fit into since before I had my first child... over 20 years ago!

Thank you Steve!



"I've Lost 10 lbs... Your Patience and
Encouragement Has Been Great"

It has been a year and what a journey.

A year ago I read your article in the paper and went to the free workout on the Saturday. 

I had many sick days in the prior 20 years due to illness and I did not know if I would be able to handle this so I almost didn't go back because I thought it would be too hard for me, but I wanted to try so I started Boot Camp.

I couldn't run 100 meters(1/4 of the track) and don't think I could do 1 push up.  Thanks to you Steve, when I thought I couldn't do anymore you encourage me to finish every workout.

I can now run 4 laps around the track [Easily!!], do 20+ push ups, I lost 10 pounds, many inches, and now actually have some muscles.

If you would have told me a year ago I would working out with a 30lb kettle bell and sandbags, I would have said you were crazy.  But I am... and loving it!

Thank you Steve for your patience, encouragement and believing in me.

Thank you Lorraine for helping me set my goals and believe I could accomplish them.



"I Lost 4 lbs And 7 Inches In My First 4 Weeks...  But
Now I've Lost MANY Inches... And My Last 15 lbs, Too..."

In May of 2009 I had joined a weight loss program and had been successful with 30 lbs loss.  In the fall I had been struggling with losing the last 15 lbs I had wanted to lose.  I decided to shake things up a bit and increase my exercise through Steve's Biggest Loser contest.

I struggled with joining originally because perhaps felt a little nervous in joining a group without knowing anyone or not sure what I was about to embark upon.

My first impression of your workout was a great one actually.  You started me off quite slowly and watched what I could and could not do and based my workout around my abilities (or lack of).

I have to admit that I was elated after my first workout and knew that this was the answer to my last 15 lbs or so.  Switching things up for me was great for me mentally and physically.

After my initial 4 weeks of bootcamp, I had lost only 4 lbs, but 7 inches (I think) and about 4% body fat

I was thrilled...and hooked.  I am still going strong with Steve and have no intention of leaving.  I am stronger in every way.  I am very proud of my physical and mental transformation.

When I had begun bootcamp, I had a sore hip and shoulder.  Since joining bootcamp, and continuing with your program, I no longer have any soreness in those areas. I have lost my last 15lbs, many, many inches, and have never felt better.

Before joining bootcamp, I had horrible upper body strength.  As a matter of fact, I didn't have any.  When I first joined, I could barely do a pushup on my knees, or at least not many of them.  Now I am proud to say I can conquer any type of pushup Steve throws at me.

My overall fitness is beyond my expectationsEveryone I have met through Steve at his bootcamps is wonderful.  Such great people with all individual needs and hopes and athletic abilities.  Although we all workout on our own, we commend each other with our individual accomplishments.

Steve has an amazing ability to "read" people.  Very quickly he recognizes your strengths along with your weaknesses and abilities.  He knows how to push you along, but most importantly, when to push you along.  Just when you think you've finally got an exercise figured out, he switches it up and increases the difficulty.  He knows when you're ready, even when you think you aren't.

Cranbrook is extremely lucky to have Steve and "Total Fitness" in the area.  He offers many different sessions and types of sessions and is always there to help you with your personal goals.

Lisa Stechly


Here Are The Results YOU Will See
In Just 30 Days At Our Cranbrook Area
Fitness Bootcamps and Weight Loss Programs...

  • Lose up to 10 lbs. in your first 30 days

  • Tighten and firm up your entire body in a NON intimidating atmosphere full of friendship and mutual support that makes getting results not only EASIER… but MORE FUN, too

  • Get FAST results you can SEE (and other people will see it too… and won’t be able to help but ask what you’re doing to look so great all of a sudden)

  • Get the help and support you need to finally lose your weight

  • Get the EMOTIONAL support from not just our staff… but also from the other clients that have already worked through the problems you’re facing right now (their insight and willingness to help comfort and support you will just blow you away)

  • Flatten your stomach

  • Get a kick-start on your motivation…. And KEEP it going strong from now on… I’ll show you dozens of ways to make it EASY

  • Increase your energy and be able to make it through your busy day without feeling like you’re running on empty all the time

  • Cut your exercise time in HALF with our super quick (and super effective) fast-paced workouts that are scientifically PROVEN to force your body to burn more calories and more body fat

  • Learn simple ways to make eating right EASY… even when you HAVE TO eat out at a restaurant

  • Burn away the fat on your “trouble spots” (like the layer of fluff on your stomach, that extra padding you have on your rear-end, or that jiggly stuff you’ve got hanging from the back of your upper arms)

  • Look more attractive

  • Finally forget about the up-and-down “yo-yo” effect where you lose a little bit of weight, and just end up gaining even more back… I’ll show you the real secret to keeping your dream body for the rest of your life

  • Feel better about the way you look in the mirror (and finally put a muzzle on that negative voice that keeps talking down at you)

  • Feel more confident

  • An much, MUCH more…

Look, I’m just going to be totally up-front with you here…

You can either keep wasting your time, energy, and effort on gimmick diet programs and exercise gadgets that never work the way they say they’re going to… and you can KEEP struggling with your weight the way you always have (until you end up failing – and just giving up – like so many other women do each year)…


You can finally do something that works so you can get the results you want and deserve.

Starting right now.

  It's this simple...  You WILL get results or you don't pay.  In fact, if you're not 100% convinced that the services you get from us are worth every penny you paid, we'll give you a full refund right on the spot.

Isn’t it time you STOPPED struggling, once and for all?...

Isn’t it time for you to finally LOSE your unwanted extra weight, flatten your stomach, and tighten and tone your hips and thighs so you can finally fit back into your clothes again, too…

AND so you can finally feel better about your body, your energy levels, AND about the way you see yourself?...

You WILL get results this time.  I personally guarantee it.

Don’t put this off any more… just call (250) 426-2264 to schedule your NO OBLIGATION
1 Week Free Trial of our Cranbrook Fitness Bootcamps
right now...

Call (250) 426-2264
And Get Started For FREE Today...

  Sign Up For 1 FREE Week Of Bootcamp And
See The Results For Yourself...
    Steve MacDonald
Cranbrook Fitness Bootcamp Instructor
Owner, Total Fitness In Cranbrook

Phone: 250-426-2264

I’m really looking forward to seeing you at our next bootcamp.  And I can’t wait to help you finally accomplish your goals and become one of our next success stories.

See you soon,

Steve MacDonald

P.S.  If you’re ready to finally lose up to 10 pounds of unwanted body fat, lose up to 4 inches, tighten and tone your body’s problem areas, and feel great about yourself (and the way you look) again… then claim your FREE 1 Week Trial today by calling us at (250)-426-2264 right now.

(And don’t forget, your results are 100% Guaranteed – No other fitness bootcamp in the Cranbrook area can say that.)


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