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                                   SEMI PRIVATE

                               GROUP TRAINING


This is the most popular option, and the foundation of what we do. Working out with like-minded individuals who encourage each other to better themselves in a positive environment.

Best suited towards elite athletes or special requirements.  Training for a competition, or sport specific event?  We can tailor a training program that best suits your needs.

Attend one of our workshops designed to target specific areas and techniques in order to best serve your fitness goals and general well-being.

* One hour workout        * Ever changing routines         * Instructor led classes        * No guesswork

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Though our facility may be considered modest compared to most big box gyms, we provide a well balanced variety of equipment to meet your strength and conditioning needs.

Offering over 1200 sq feet between 2 separate rooms, and 1200 sq ft of fenced outdoor training space, you're sure to find enough room to work up a good sweat.


Jump Ropes

Medicine Balls


Suspension Gear

Rowing Machines

Plyo Boxes

Climbing Ropes

Airdyne Cycle

Pull-up Bars



Resistance Bands

Equalizer Bars

Battle Ropes

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about our gym

We pride ourselves on providing quality training, with one on one time and low class sizes. We would rather reduce the numbers coming in, than allow the quality to dilute.

We are - your TOTAL FITNESS solution.


If you would like to attend a


 get in touch!

We may not be fighters, we may not be football players, but in general we are mums, dads, sons & daughters…….and I would rather be the one who is able to show up, step up and have a great time, than be the one who says ‘I quit’, ‘lets stop here’, ‘go on without me’………this was one of the reasons behind setting up our humble facility… help people get fitter and stronger in order to enjoy their activities & life to the full.



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meet the trainers

Always willing to lead by example, these two enthusiastic individuals will be ever present and encouraging in helping you meet your fitness goals.  Whether its modifying exercises to accommodate individual needs, or offering nutritional guidance for members who are taking part in one of the 30 day challenges, they will be happy to guide you throughout your journey.

steve macdonald

 Head Instructor

lisa johnson


Steve MacDonald, our Head Coach, has been fascinated with the world of Strength and Conditioning since his time in the British Military.

He has been both a trainee and trainer for over 20 years. An experienced personal trainer and group trainer, he enjoys training participants of every age.

He firmly believes that results are not through hard work alone, but through working hard AND working smart.

The Mind is everything, you have the right mindset, and you will accomplish your goals.


Lisa Johnson has been a Personal Trainer for five years but her love of fitness has been a passion all her life. After training at Train Hard, Live Easy for two years, it seemed a natural progression to take targeted training courses and earn her Personal Fitness Training designation.

Lisa has always been interested in fitness and being an athlete. She is involved in sports, worked out, run, and focused on Karate for four years.






 *Certified Personal Trainer – CanFitPro 2009

 *Certified Kettlebell and Bodyweight Instructor

 *Certified Group Fitness Instructor

 *Gym Jones Fundamentals  Workshop

 *Master Practitioner NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)



 *Agatsu Certified Kettlebell Instructor

 *Agatsu Upper Body Mobility Certification

 *StrongFirst Certified Bodyweight Instructor

 *College of the Rockies – Fitness Knowledge Certification



 It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.

- Babe Ruth -

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we offer a variety of plan options

plans & pricing


As It Comes

Couples Rate

Kinda Serious



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Attend a FREE class


Our new client intake is available the first week of every month at 7:00pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


On Your First visit, please arrive 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time so that we can run through paperwork. I will then give you basic instruction on foundational exercises that we do throughout your first session with us.


You are in for an amazing journey……I promise you two things:


     · You will work hard [and find that every workout is scaled to YOUR ability]

     · You will become fitter and stronger than you ever thought possible


YOU are capable of so much more than you currently believe you are!!



The only bits you will need are:


    Towel - WATER - Sense of Adventure - Sense of Humour


The Ability to leave the ego at the door and to take instruction [we coach people, and will push you as appropriate, however we don't want people to try too much too soon; the phrase 'Run before you can walk' springs to mind]


Each and every workout we do is different, so no matter how hard it seems on the day, you can rest assured the next workout won’t be the same.


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Past successes...


Amanda lost 12 inches in total in a previous 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge

Amanda Durham


Tracy lost 11+ lbs of Bodyfat in 30 days....

Tracy M


Michelle lost over 10 inches in 30 days in our latest 30 day Body Transformation Challenge.

Michelle B


Jodi lost 13.85 pounds of body fat and over 10.5 inches in our last 30 day body transformation challenge.

Jodi B



"Lost Weight and Inches, Have More Energy...

... And I Owe It All To Bootcamp"


"I Almost Let The Word 'Bootcamp' Scare Me Away...

But I'm SO Glad I Didn't... I Look Forward To Each Workout"


"I Don't Work Well On My Own... But This Group Is So Supportive

and Encouraging... And My Clothes Are Fitting Better"


"I've Lost 6.5% Body Fat And My

Low Back Pain Is Completely Gone!"


"I Was Afraid I Wouldn't Be Able To Do It...

But I've Lost 12 lbs AND My Hip Pain Is Gone"


"Now I'm In Better Shape Than

When I Was In High School..."


"Just Bought New Jeans In A Size SMALLER Than

Before I Had My First Child Over 20 Years Ago!"


"I've Lost 10 lbs... Your Patience and

Encouragement Has Been Great"


"I Lost 4 lbs And 7 Inches In My First 4 Weeks...  But

Now I've Lost MANY Inches... And My Last 15 lbs, Too..."



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Phone: 778-517-1993 (Main) | 250-919-5118 (cell)

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